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About My Work

The early foundation for my work as a therapist was psychodynamic; this means that we work together to understand problematic behavior patterns as strategies you developed to cope and survive as you were growing up, which now create limitations in your life.

Developmental wounds, abuse, and unhealed losses can cause you to find ways to protect yourself which can, later in life, get in the way of having fulfillment in your relationships and stunt aliveness and creativity.

These self-protective patterns of behavior, repeated over many years, carve “grooves” in the neural pathways of our brains, and can be very hard to change. Therefore, in addition to valuable insight-oriented talk therapy, I am trained to do EMDR, a powerful and very effective mind/body technique which facilitates the mind’s natural healing ability and allows new learning to take place.

In addition to the theory and techniques described above, I believe strongly in the healing power of the therapy relationship. Only within a relationship in which you feel seen, known and understood can you feel safe enough to look honestly at yourself and risk change.

I have over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of people. I am an empathic, compassionate person and I also have the ability to give honest, direct feedback in a nonjudgemental way.

Influenced by mindfulness training, I believe that by being present in a compassionate way with clients, they are able to be more present and compassionate with themselves. The therapy relationship, at its best, is like a laboratory in which therapist and client look together at the interactions between them in order to learn more about the client’s patterns in relationships.

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