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trudy baltz davis center for phsychotherapy Trudy Baltz, Ph.D.
Davis, CA 95616

Reflections On The Work I Do

I have been a psychotherapist for over twenty years, and a licensed psychologist since 1996. I am also a practicing artist; my art and my work inform each other in ways that I trust deeply, but cannot claim to understand. In both realms you can, with patience, compassion, and intuition, shape things, but you cannot control them.

I have seen many new approaches, and many new techniques, in my years as a therapist. Some have been truly helpful; some have promised the moon and delivered a handful of dust. Few, I think, are fully truthful or realistic about what psychotherapy can, and cannot, do.

It cannot make you totally mentally healthy (whatever that means); it cannot “cure” you completely of your childhood, of the losses you have suffered, of your insecurities and shortcomings, your bouts of anxiety and despair. I know all this from personal as well as professional, experience: sometimes loss simply happens; people fail each other and themselves; awful things happen to us as children, as partners, as parents, as participants in the human experience.

What psychotherapy can do, at its best, is to help us find new life, meaning, and hope. It can help us understand a bit better where we have come from, and why we may be reacting as we are when emotional storms arise. It can orient us, help us hold onto the tiller until we find calmer waters whose clarity and depth often reveal—if we look—the wisdom that we have gained from our experience. It is hard work. And like all hard work, it can be deeply rewarding, in ways that are often surprising and mysterious.

Finally, I believe that psychotherapy can help lead us back out of ourselves, to a more grounded place of being where we do indeed have choices: to be of service (in a healthy way) to others; to be kind and humorous; and to use our gifts—whatever they are—to keep growing and to make some contribution of beauty to the world.

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