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Spiritual Direction

People entering spiritual direction do so because they yearn for a deeper connection to spirit. Often, however, they are unsure what spiritual direction is; this is true whether your attraction to spirit is a tenuous thread of longing, or an overwhelming imperative. Spiritual directors do not direct people how to think, feel, act, or believe.

Whatever your tradition may be (if you have one at all), and whatever language you might use — the Sacred, the Holy, the Divine, Mystery, Oneness, your Higher Power, God, or the sense of awe one can feel through nature or the arts — the goal of spiritual direction is to help you deepen your relationship with this presence. That presence, however you experience it, is the true director.

Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, or advice-giving, even though you might share the same life events and feelings as you do with a counselor or a friend. One of my hopes for direction with you is to help you find a more conscious and generative relationship with whatever is sacred to you, and to notice the many and surprising ways you may already be connected to spirit.

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