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Individual Psychotherapy

Being Present With You

As my client, you will have my full commitment to listen to your concerns and to encourage in you a greater capacity to listen to yourself. Listening to yourself is noticing how you form in the moment cognitively, sensationally, contactfully and spiritually. I am also very interested in the meaning you make of what you bring to our work. As you listen to yourself, you will, in turn, increase your capacity to flourish in your relationships with others and meaningfully meet life’s challenges.

Our Hour Together

What happens in the immediacy of our hour together is a beginning point for self-knowing. It is not an accumulation of insight nor is it a problem-solving orientation to life. Nor does self-knowing rest on the premise that you are broken and need to be fixed. Self-knowing is a moment-by-moment process of living and for most of us is a new and unique way of being. With self-knowing comes the liberation of living into who we are--our wholeness.

Content of Our Sessions

The content of our sessions will include the concerns you bring and the integrative perspectives I bring. Together we will also discover defenses you might have such as shame, anger and the rationalization of loss. In our mutual experience of exploration, we will honor each defense and learn its function-- how it may have saved you in your younger years and how in present time, your defense may block you from fully experiencing the gifts and challenges of each moment, especially in relation to others.

Therapeutic Experience

The therapeutic experience is an opportunity to allow our old way of organizing our lives to give way to greater creativity and aliveness—to be fresh and new in each moment. Lastly, I love what I do and feel I am, indeed, privileged to have the opportunity to explore with you whatever you bring to our time together.

Couples Therapy

As with individual clients, I use our second or third session to take a history from each of you. As the work unfolds, we will identify communication dynamics which create blocks and distance. Along the way, we will also discover long-lived patterns and how they interfere with or disrupt our opportunities for intimacy.

In couples work (EFT) we take a slower pace to facilitate your connecting to your feeling experience. As you connect with yourself, it opens the way to understanding and empathy for your partner. Because this is often very complex work, together we will create an environment of safety and support. Cultivating aliveness in our primary relationship is fertile ground for our healing and growth.

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