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Individual Psychotherapy

Being Present With You

Whether you are my individual client or my couple, you will have my full commitment to listen to your concerns and to bring and embrace Emotionally Focused Therapy in our work. Listening to yourself is noticing how you form in the moment emotionally. As you listen to yourself, you will, in turn, increase your capacity to flourish in your relationships with your partner, your family and friends and meet life's challenges with a greater sense of belonging and aliveness.

Our Hour Together

What happens in the immediacy of our time together is often a deepening point for self-knowing. It is not an accumulation of insight nor is it a problem-solving orientation to life. Nor does self-knowing rest on the premise that you are broken and need to be fixed. Self-knowing is a moment-by-moment process of opening and connecting to oneself and others and understanding the old patterns that block connection and closeness.

Content of Our Sessions

The content of our sessions will include the concerns you bring and the integrative perspectives I bring. Together we will discover defenses you might have such as shame and anger. In our mutual experience of exploration, we will honor each defense and learn its function-- how it has helped you cope and how in present time it stops you from fully experiencing the gifts available to you through closeness with your partner, your family and friends.

Therapeutic Experience

The therapeutic experience is an opportunity to allow our old way of organizing our lives to give way to greater creativity and aliveness to be fresh and present in each moment. I love what I do and feel I am, indeed, privileged to have the opportunity to explore with you what you bring to our time together.

Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is the center piece of my work with you. EFT is client-centered and teaches you how patterns greatly influence the difficulties you experience, They are wired neurologically in our formative years and in later relationships. Once you understand their impact, you can feel greater self-compassion and increased empathy for your partner. You will be held with gentleness as you bravely recognize the impact of your patterns on your partner. Through this process of healing, emotional awareness is created for closeness and intimacy.

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