davis center for psychotherapy

About the Work

I believe all human beings move naturally towards self mastery and belonging. Early trauma, developmental hurts, grief and bad luck disturb our wholeness and full potential. We are caught in a protective layering of negativity, pain and self defeating behaviors. This state of disconnection with happiness and full embodiment is what brings people into my office.

Much of my early training was from master gestalt therapists. This orientation holds the truth that one way we form ourselves is from either pushing off or moving towards another person. Early bonding creates these patterns, either sustaining aliveness and wholeness or creating distress and dysfunction. The relationship dance is reenacted in life as well as in the therapy hour.

It is my job to be empathetic, authentic, non-judgmental and a good listener. These are qualities that are intrinsic to my nature. I believe that mental health is achieved by resolving past traumas as they live and are experienced in the present. Keeping the therapeutic encounter rich with what presents itself in the moment is a dynamic and often non-linear experience.

In recent years I have become extremely interested in the techniques of guided imagery, mind/body awareness, active meditation and EMDR all of which incorporate a powerful here-now approach to working with historical wounding. I facilitate the journey towards becoming fully awake and unburdened. The therapy hour becomes filled with possibilities and explorations. In the sustaining ground of a safe relationship a new sense of self can flourish.

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